Abstract Topics

1. Cost effectiveness of surgery as a treatment of diabetes 

2. Effects of bariatric/metabolic surgery on diabetes-related complications 

3. Epidemiology and economic impact of diabetes

4. Impact of bariatric/metabolic surgery on cardiometabolic risk

5. Impact of bariatric/metabolic surgery on glycemic control

6. Integration of pharmaceutical/surgical therapies and optimisation of glcontrol post-surgery

7. Intestinal glucose metabolism and nutrient sensing

8. Mechanisms of action of bariatric and metabolic surgery

9. Novel technologies and gastrointestinal devices for diabetes

10. Randomized clinical trials comparing surgery vs medical treatment for diabetes 

11. Randomized clinical trials comparing surgical procedures head to head for the treatment of diabetes 

12. Role of bile acids in glucose homeostasis

13. Role of gut microbiota in metabolism and in the pathophysiology of obesity and diabetes

14. Role of the gastrointestinal tract in glucose metabolism

15​. Safety of bariatric/metabolic surgery

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